T. P. O. exhibited the booth at Pinball Expo '99.

T. P. O. exhibited the booth at Pinball Expo, firstly from Japan. The contents of exhibition were based on the introduction of activity for T. P. O. and so on, with a few goods for sale, because T. P. O. is a non-profit party. The next boothes including Dutch Pinball Association dealt with only goods for sale, e.g. thier poster ,sweat shirt, and so on, without the introduction of thier activities.

T. P. O. booth was prepared at the afternoon of the first day before the convention hall opened and held until the night on Saturday. The booth was removed at the morning on Sunday the last day.

convention hall Map

T. P. O. booth was placed at the area in front of the registration desk of Pinball Expo outside the convention hall. The boothes of the other pinball parties or associations except U.S., e.g. DUTCH PINBALL ASSOCIATION, were placed at the next of T. P. O. booth. T. P. O. booth was at the right edge in the area.


The materials about T. P. O. and Japanese specific materials were displayed as the exhibits. T. P. O. related exhibits were the introductin of activity for T. P. O. and products that T. P. O. cooperated. The Japanese specific exhibits were the flyers of pinball machines that SEGA made 20 years ago, the flyers written in Japanese that Japanese Distributors made for promotion, and so on.

The followings are the panels displayed in order to introduce T. P. O. and its activity. The panels are T. P. O. Introcution (left side) and T. P. O. History (right side). The size of panels is about A2 (4 times of letter size).

The file containing big size pictures (A3 size) of pinball machines owned by T. P. O. members and the file containing SEGA flyers as enjoyable exbihits, the T. P. O. activity introduction file containing T. P. O. introduction, history, construction, competition, club report and so on, the file containing Data East/Sega pinball playing manuals cooperated by T. P. O., the file containing pictures of pinball machines owen be members, and so on were put on the table. By the way, the sign board "TPO JAPAN" in front of the table was prepared by the organizer of Pinball Expo.

T. P. O. cooperated to produce the book "Pinball Grafitti" and , the video games "Pinball Spirits", "Necronomicon" and "Pinball Graffiti". Their mockups were displayed.
The followings are items for sale. The pinball pin badges including TPO letter (gold, silver, black, red and green) were sold for 5 dollar. The sticker and post card were sold for 1 dollar. The ultraman is a cork board and not for sale. The white board were put behind the ultraman, and it were used for describing some messages.

For the purpose of appealing the T. P. O. booth, the big poster indicating T. P. O. and big colorful pictures of pinball were put on the wall. Moreover, the T. P. O. T-shirt put on the wall near the table. The T-shirts is not for sale.

T. P. O. offered 2 items for the charity auction at the Banquet. One of them is the book "Pinball Graffiti" that T. P. O. cooperated to produce. A man who had looked for it for 5 years made a successful bid for 110 dollar. The other item is a set of pinball badges displayed as the exhibit. It was made a successful bid for 55 dollar.

The above are items for the charity auction, e.g. pinball book, T-shirt, play field.