Dear Sirs,

How are you? TPO; Tokyo Pinball Organization will have a memorable day. August 1st, 2002 is the date of our 25th anniversary. In 1977, a club of pinball players started among friends in a high school in Tokyo on August 1st. And we've been enjoying the pinball culture for long years. In TPO, some are great pinball players. Some wrote for the first Japanese pinball book "Pinball Graffiti". Some have experiences of working for pinball games. Some often visited to the USA for The Expo or for The World Championships. And some are collecting pinball games. The current pinball market is no good, however we still keep flippin'. And the all members of TPO thank you. Please send your message for celebrating our 25th anniversary.

Best regards,

The representative of Tokyo Pinball Organization
The vice representative of Tokyo Pinball Organization


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