T. P. O. Rules

1. Organization Name

Tokyo Pinball Organization
Abbreviation: TPO

2. Objective

  • Diffusion of Pinball
  • Improvement of Skill to play Pinball
  • Information Exchange for Pinball
  • Mediates between domestic and/or foreign pinball related companies
  • Preserves Pinball Culture
  • Establishment of Pinball Association of Japan (PAJ) (tentavive name)

3. Activity

  • Holding of annual meeting, officer meeting and inner competition
  • Publication of Club report "NAP(News Around Pinball)"
  • Participation and assistant of competitions outside T.P.O.
  • Communication with pinball related companies
  • Investigation and studying pinball and collecting material for pinball
  • Introduction and instruction of pinball game
  • Establishment of systems and record styles for pinball game and competition
  • Other activities for pinball diffusion

4. Membership

The member must offer specific documents when entering or continuing. The member may withdraw from T. P. O. freely. This association may set a cooperative member not a regular member, if it is particularly permited. The cooperative member is decided by the officer meeting and it is reexamined per 1 year.

5. Officer

This association constitutes representative (1 person), vice representative (1 person), Treasurer (1 person), Secretary (1 person), Publisher (1 person), Liaison Officer (1 person) and Auditor (1 person). The officer may decide some assistant officers.

6. Membership Fee

Membership fee is the followings.
* Admission fee500 yen
* Annual feeRegular membership3,000 yen
Cooperative membershipnone

The fiscal year is from January 1st until December 31th. The annual fee of midway entrant is below.

Entrance until April 30th:3,000 yen
Entrance from May 1st to August 31th:2,000 yen
Entrance from September 1st to December 31th:1,000 yen

The membership fee is not returned even if withdrawing.

A fee for annual meeting ,a special fee or others may be charged if neccesary.

7. Qualification Loss

A member, who failed to pay the membership fee over 3 months or corrupted public morals of the association, will be declared the membership's forfeit according to the officer meeting decision.