History of T. P. O.


1977 S.G.C.(SAKODA GAME CLUB), the former of T.P.O., is established by Mr. Ryo Sakoda.
1985 The name is changed to T.P.O.(TOKYO PINBALL OSCILLATION).
The representative, Mr. Ryo Sakoda, wins a pinball competition at Yaesu arcade of World Game group in Japan. T.P.O. cooperates in the operation of competition from '86 to '92.
1987 T.P.O.'s inner competition is opened at 1987 and 6 times for a year now.
The club report "NAP (News Around Pinball)" is found.
1988 Begins a conversation with Data East Corporation.
The name is changed to T.P.O.(TOKYO PINBALL ORGANIZATION).
1989 Members of T.P.O. cooperate to produce a book, PINBALL GRAFITTI, published by SOFTBANK Corporation.
1990 Members of T.P.O. participate in PINBALL EXPO at Chicago, and win a prize at Flip Out of pinball tournament at the PINBALL EXPO. Afterward, some members participate in the PINBALL EXPO every year to '98 and win lots prizes including the 1st place at Flip Out.
1991 Provides some playing-manuals of pinball for SIGMA Inc.
1993 Members of T.P.O. participate in I.F.P.A world pinball competition at Millwaukee and all the members win prizes and any of the members win the 1st place.
Begins a conversation with SAMMY Corporation selling PREMIER/Gottlieb brand pinballs in Japan.
1995 Begins a conversation with Capcom Co., Ltd. started pinball business.
1996 Cooperates to produce a video game of SEGA SATURN, PINBALL GRAFITTI, published by PACK-IN-VIDEO Co., Ltd.(Victor Interavtive Software Inc. at present).
Begins a conversation with KAZe Co., Ltd. of a video pinball software vendor.
Cooperates to produce TV program "Tonight II" broadcasted by Asahi National Broadcasting group.
Begins a conversation with TAITO Corporation.
1997 Opens T.P.O. web site, http://www.vc-net.ne.jp/~tpo/.
1999 Cooperates to produce a video game of Windows 95/98, Pinball Spirits, published by ASCII Corporation.
Exhibits the booth at Pinball Expo '99.
2002 Cooperates to produce a pinball related report in JAL inflight magazine "WINDS".
2004 Exhibits the booth at Pinball Expo '04 (20th Anniversary).
T.P.O. produced "Pinball Expo 20th Anniversary pin-badges".
Pinball Expo 20th Anniversary AD appeared in Pingame Journal by T.P.O.

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